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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i just called to say i love you

Just a very quick update, but there's more to come later.

Last week, I saw the Bear doing something that looked a lot like pretend play.  Then I convinced myself that it couldn't possibly be.  But this morning, he did it again, in front of me and Pacino. 

 He held out the palm of his hand, jabbed at it with the pointer finger of his other hand, making little "beep"noises at the same time, then held his hand up to his ear and said "Ye-yo"!!!

I can't begin to tell you how exciting that was, and how happy and hopeful it made us.

Anyway, must run - school lunches and breakfasts to make, and I suspect that the Bear has climbed onto the bench and is playing with the answering machine.  Supervision much?


  1. Oh how wonderful! I love those moments!!!! YAY!!!! Makes you giddy with excitement over your little one's progress!

  2. YAY!! That's a great developmental milestone!

  3. Oh, that literally brings tears to my eyes! What joy!!!!