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Thursday, August 5, 2010

a morning in the park (with pictures!)

The Bear and I had a lovely morning at the park with his friend M, and M's mum B.  The boys had a blast
together.   Or, at least, M had a blast with a few other little boys at the park, and the Bear had a blast running around, turning on the taps, and stealing people's food.

Apologies for the mixed-up captions - I've been fighting with my computer over it for the last half hour, and, as I'm now losing the will to live, I give up.  If you can't work out which caption fits which picture, then really, I can't help you!!

We're trying to teach the Bear that smacking Mummy's face isn't the best way to display excitement.  Clapping hands is way more socially acceptable, and who better to demonstrate how much fun it is than your best mate?
The Bear loves to slide - on anything, whether it's an actual slide, or the arm of a sofa, or my outstretched leg.  Here, he's sliding down a yellow ladder.  Even with a nappy on, that can't be comfortable!

Thirsty work!  Luckily Mum left her coffee here!  (Don't worry, it was empty!)

By the time we left, the Bear's trousers were soaking wet, as were his shoes and socks.  Luckily our winters are so balmy and lovely!  Some of the other Mums were looking a bit annoyed that the Bear was wasting water, and worse, showing their kids some bad habits.  Tough!  He was having fun and not hurting anybody, so splash away, my little water-obsessed son, splash away!

Here's a second copy of that last picture, purely to demonstrate my techno-idiocy. Don't know how I got two up there; certainly don't know how to get rid of one of them!


Finally, a cuddle with Mummy finishes a perfect morning!


  1. Love the photos. I fully understand your frustration. I've been doing exactly the same thing for the last...oh I don't know, haven't bother counting.

  2. Yeah, other moms often get annoyed, but you just have to ignore them! They have no idea, ya know? Water is always an attraction for my boys, too!

  3. Such a fun post! Loved the photos - you are lovely!!! And the Bear is adorable!

  4. How fun! Park pictures are always fun to take. And all kids love some play time in the water. It is good and healthy for them to explore =0).