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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a visit from the mad hatter

Apparently, our dogs needed hats.  So the Gig decided to make them some. She used her old jeans and some elastic that she found lying about stole from the Bear's party hat, and created hats.  For dogs.  Go figure.

Jasper, being the media tart that he is, wears his hat with pride and, may I say, panache.

Harlan (in the green collar), on the other hand, feels faintly ridiculous in his.  I can't imagine why.

 But the title of Hat-Wearer-Extrordinaire must go to the Bear.  Anyone who can look this sensational in a sparkly purple bowler hat gets my vote!
This was the best photo I could get.  After all, what's the fun of wearing a sparkly purple bowler hat if you're not running around in circles?


  1. Could be useful in the rain?? I love Bear's hat! Somehow your dog doesn't look all that excited at the additions to her wardrobe.

  2. That is so funny! Kids are great!

  3. Oh, and for the record, I would LOVE it if you guys could come to the pumpkin patch with us next year or ANYWHERE with us actually! It would be wonderful to meet you!

  4. Those are great! Tell DD she has a career as a fashion designer!

  5. Hey, those hats are pretty good! I love how your one dog is not a fan. And Bear is very fashionable in his bowler.