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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

breakfast of champions

What's that you've got there, Mum?
Porridge, you say?
Just the same as mine, is it?
Same same, in fact?
Mummy's porridge?
Not the Bear's porridge?

I think it might taste better than my porridge, Mummy.
No, it's not the same, actually, Mummy.
It's in your bowl, obviously.  That's what makes it taste so good.

Can you move over, Mummy?
It's just that I don't have much room here.
You take up nearly all of the chair, so how do you expect me to stand behind you?
What?  You'd really rather I didn't stand behind you?
You'd prefer me to return to my own chair and eat my own breakfast?

Like that's ever going to happen.


  1. That sounds about right. What is it about two year olds that makes them enjoy being contrary?

  2. So sweet :). Lucas is always wanting to share our food, especially my husbands! Anything Daddy has Lucas wants! Even if Lucas just ate, he'll eat again if he sees Daddy eating. LOL. ;)