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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The difficult second post

Having opened to rave reviews, I now have early onset writer's block.

So how about I tell you about my gorgeous children?

The Tween is 10, and she's just started year 6 at school. She's a funny, friendly, caring person with some serious mess issues. She's extremely talented at art, so maybe that's why? I tell you, her room is an absolute pigsty 90% of the time. But she's so sweet and helpful that as long as her door's closed and no food ever enters her room, I'm willing to overlook it. Until I have a ranting hissy fit and tell her if it's not clean she's never doing anything fun ever again, and don't think I don't mean it, young lady!

The Tween loves her ipod and her Nintendo ds, and adores Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Robert Pattinson. She's a really good reader, but has very different tastes from me, so I struggle to find books that she'll read. The MOTH (Man of the house) usually has more luck there.

As for the Toddler, he's a typical two year old in most ways. He's loving, affectionate, hilarious, stubborn, and very, very cute. He loves drawing, Maisy Mouse, eating and his comfort toy, Mousie. He also has a significant speech/language delay. His speech therapist is sure it's verbal dyspraxia, which is where messages sent from the brain to the mouth for speech get garbled, thereby making planned speech extremely difficult. His Paediatrician is yet to make a formal diagnosis, but doesn't disagree with this view. He has also failed the mchat test, which is an early screening test for autism. This is not to say that he has autism; this test is designed to catch ALL children on the Autism Spectrum, so there are a lot of false positives. We're hoping desperately that he's one of them. This is all fairly recent news, so I'm not yet a mine of Mummy info, but I'm working on it ;). So, for the interim, lots of speech and occupational therapy, a special needs playgroup and a lot of hard work for Mummy. He sees the Paediatrician again in April, so we might have some more answers then.
Anyway, my kids are easily the most beautiful and amazing creatures on earth. Don't you agree?

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  1. Thank you for coming over to my blog! I am glad you could relate to my son through your own. I'll definitely be checkin in on your blog as you guys go through your journey and progress. And please feel free to comment or email me as you like, if you ever need any support or have any questions I might be able to answer. However, this is new to us since our daughter had no such difficulties.