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Friday, February 26, 2010

i'm still here

And now we will resume our normal programming...

Sorry about the break, all 2 of my readers (Hi T, Hi A). It's just been such a full-on week, topped off by the Bear refusing to have day sleeps any more, boo hoo. He still goes into his cot for an hour, but that's it. And honestly, by the time I've done all the stuff I can't do when he's awake, theres'not much time left for blogging!

But fear not - as we speak, I'm attempting to upload photos from my camera, now that I've found my USB cord. It was "up high", as mentioned in a previous post. So "up high", in fact, that I lost it for over 6 months. Perhaps I need to sort out my clutter, do you think?

(Oh, new software to download. Hmmm, that's sure to be quick and easy.)

Ok, it didn't like me leaving the download window and coming here. I've lost it now.

Excuse me while I throw my computer out the window.

I'll be back, hopefully with pictures next time...

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