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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dear john (or whatever your name is)

Dear Man in front of me in the queue at the bank,

He's fine, really. He might be noisy, but he's fine. He's 2. Two year olds don't usually like the bank. It's very dull, you see. All that waiting in line, with nothing to look at but grown-ups' legs. Yes, I know he's doing that awful, loud, moaning whinge, but he's ok. He just doesn't have any words. He can't say "Mummy, I'm bored." Or, "Mummy, can I please have some sultanas?" I simply have to guess what he means. And sometimes I get it wrong. Please bear with me. And please recognise that all toddlers are whingy at times. Not just mine. So please, if you don't mind, stop turning around and glaring at me.



Dear Lady at the Library,

Yep, he's whinging. I know. Oh boy, do I know! But you know, he's been as good as gold ever since we left the bank. And he loved being in the childrens section, looking at books and watching other children. And yes, he threw a book that I gave him when he started screaming. But did you really have to say, in that disapproving tone, "Good Heavens!". Did you really have to make me cry in the middle of the library? All toddlers misbehave. And once in a blue moon, it will be because the parents don't discipline them. But 99% of the time, it's because they are toddlers! Just so you know, mine can't talk. So it makes working out what's wrong a bit more difficult. But that's not why he screamed. He screamed because he's TWO YEARS OLD!!! And, to be honest, all us mothers want is a smile. An "Oh, you poor thing, I've been there before, it''ll pass, don't worry" sort of smile.

So please, think before you judge next time.




  1. ((Hugs)) You are definitely not alone at all. I usually take some good breaths in. And just talk calmly with him and IGNORE everyone around me (well except my other child...LOL). Some people just don't know how to react but I doubt their children are perfect little ones who have never pouted, been loud, or thrown a fit.