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Thursday, March 4, 2010

motor dyspraxia

The Bear had Occupational Therapy again this morning.

At the end of his session, his OT told me that I had to prepare for the fact that he may well have Motor Dyspraxia as well as Verbal Dyspraxia. From the little I know, MD is another motor planning disorder involving the gross and fine motor muscles.

I was taken aback, as I'd thought his motor skills were a little delayed (and I mean a very little), but apparently he's 6-9 months delayed in a lot of his fine motor skills, and when she has tried to get him to copy her actions, he hasn't been able to.

Again, it's too early to diagnose, but it looks likely.


  1. Hopefully, OT can help get his fine motor skills go up. I'm sorry I know this must come as a shock and feel overwhelming on top of the other stuff that is happening with your little guy. It's so hard to not worry as a mama, isn't it? ((hugs)) I always hate getting more things that are wrong on top of what is happening already. Hang in there and love on that little boy!

  2. Oh, Camilla! HUGS!! Just stick with the therapies and hopefully they can help! I truely believe in therapy! Kaitlynn went from not talking, not repeating, not even showing interested to now talking in sentences. It's amazing. She also went from a girl who had no interet in rolling/crawling being mobile, to now a kiddo who runs through my house! We've seen so many amazing things come from therapy! I've had some sort of therapist in my house every week or two for the last 2 years. It's so worth it! We're now free and clear for the most part only seeing them a couple times in 6 months.

    HUGS again mama!!!!