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Thursday, March 25, 2010

good news/bad news

Yep, folks, it's Fake Wednesday again, which means it's time to join The Missus in all the fun of Good News/Bad News. If you'd like to join in, head over to and link up!

So here's my news for the week -

Good news? The Bear responded really well to his OT this morning
Bad news? He had one tantrum which resulted in a fat lip for me when he threw his head back
Good news? I'm still pretty ;)

Good news? It's nearly school holidays
Bad news? The Easter Bunny is very disorganised
Good news? Still plenty of time to shop
Bad news? Still plenty of time to eat Easter Eggs

Good news? The Gig has finally finished her reading assignment
Bad news? It took her soooo loooong
Good news? She did a great job

Good news? Pacino (remember him? used to be called MOTH?) is taking time off over Easter
Bad news? He's not taking all of the school holidays
Good news? We still have 6 days together as a family

Good news? I'm going out to breakfast with the girls tomorrow after we drop our kids off
Bad news? I'm already thinking about bacon and eggs. Not to mention mushrooms, tomatos, haloumi cheese and really good coffee...

Good news? The Bear is in bed so I can't throw him in the car and go through the McDonald's drive through
Bad news? Now I'm cranky because I want Maccas

And that's my news for the week!


  1. Now I want McDonald's. Thanks. :)

    PS--LOVE the new look. (The blog, not the fat lip.) :)

  2. Love this good news/bad news! So fun!