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Thursday, March 18, 2010

good news/bad news

Well, it's Wednesday (in the US, here in Aus, it's Thursday, and as my good friend The Missus lives in the US, and I'm linking to her fab blog carnival thingy, let's just pretend, ok?)

So where were we? Oh yes, it's pretend Wednesday.

Good news: The Bear had OT this morning
Bad news: I had to drive across the city to get there
Good news: It was rescheduled so I got to avoid peak hour traffic
Bad news: The Bear was deeply hideous throughout the session
Good news: His therapist got to see what I've been dealing with this week

Good news: I had a healthy lunch
Bad news: I had far too much of it
Good news: I found chocolate sprinkles at the back of my pantry
Bad news: I ate them

Good news: The weather is finally cooling down
Bad news: A cyclone is on its way
Good news: Alarmist news reports notwithstanding, it won't come anywhere near us
Bad news: There's no bad news about that, you drama queen!

Good news: No bills in the mail today
Bad news: No cheques either

Good news: Most of the girls are being nice to the Gig again
Bad news: One is still ignoring her
Good news: She has learnt a lot from this experience
Bad news: She had the experience

Good news: The Bear is asleep for once!
Bad news: This means he won't sleep during the day for another few weeks
Good news: He's asleep NOW!

And that about sums it up. If you'd like to join in the good news/bad news fun, head on over to and link up! (I say that so confidently, like I have any idea how to do it myself...)

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  1. This is such a cute post! Love it. Maybe I'll try it next week.