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Monday, March 15, 2010

random thoughts

My dogs have fleas. Hopefully not for too much longer, since I finally bit the bullet and bought the $87 tablets. I tell you, these dogs are costing us more than the kids!

There is the sweet sound of silence coming from the Bear's room. Dare I hope that it's because he's ...shhhhh...asleep?

The Gig is at school. Hopefully not being teased, ignored, excluded, picked on, or laughed at by the group of girls who have been making her life a misery for the past 3 weeks.

I'm not doing a lot. Blogging, washing, ironing, sweeping the floor, playing with the Bear, doing his speech therapy exercises, drinking tea, eating more lunch than I needed, or even wanted (I'm greedy like that).

And the MOTH? He is no more.

Fear not, dear readers, he is still very much in the picture, but as of last night, he is no longer known as the MOTH. He says it's a stupid name, and he wants to be called something cool. So, from now on, in bloggy-land at least, he will be known as...

As in Al.


  1. Oh Millie, all my love to The Gig! When I was in Junior high, my friends turned on me because my mother was a lesbian. I had been one of the "popular" girls, but was very quickly pushed to the bottom of the pack. I was teased, bullied, and pushed around - it was horrible. Please send her my love and tell her that the teasing does eventually stop. I made new friends and it all worked out, but I remember how miserable it was...

  2. Girls are so mean.

    With a dad named Pacino they should watch out.

  3. I agree...girls can be so vicious!