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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We went to the Emergency Department of our local hospital last night.

It was the Bear's fault.

He drank my perfume.

Yes, that's right, he drank my perfume.

I mean, really, perfume? It can't taste good, surely? Once we ascertained that he was ok, there were lots of jokes from the nurses about how his poo is going to smell today. Sweet, I assume. Sweet

What I really want to know his how on earth he reached it? It was on the back of my chest of drawers, with the waste-paper bin (don't ask, I have a 2 year old) in front of it. He is too short, or so I thought, to possibly reach it. And the drawers weren't pulled out. I'm sorry, but no 2 year old is going to carefully push the drawers back in to hide the evidence of his crime. He's not Machiavelli, for goodness sake.

But anyway, he did it. And I've just this second worked out how.

He's not really, or rather, not just the Bear.

By day, he is a mild-mannered (yeah right) toddler boy.

By the-five-minutes-Mummy-had-her-back-turned, he is...

Dum-da-dum-da-dum, Inspector Gadget, dum-da-dum-da-dum whoo-hoo whoo-hoo

I'm sorry Bear, but your secret is out.


  1. I totally understand! I am amazed by the extent of my 18 month old's reach! It just seems impossible to me some of the things that he has pulled down lately. I guess (after reading your experience) that I really need to go through my house and reevaluate where things are placed!

  2. Thanks for stopping by - that's exactly what I did today. But I'm running out of "up high" shelves.

  3. My daughter ate a glade plug in when she was little. I hope he'll be okay!

  4. He's fine now, thanks! Manic, but fine :)

  5. Oh my word! Perfume has got to taste nasty!

    Hope he's doing better! Um, at least his insides smell good? LOL