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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

flotsam and jetsom, bits and pieces, this and that

Ok, so my rage is ebbing away, slowly being replaced by acceptance.  I'm surprised that the diagnosis affected me so much, because it wasn't like we weren't expecting it.  I think what really got to me was having to talk other people through their own feelings about it, when all I got from anyone was "He's fine, look at so-and-so", or "All two year olds do that, stop worrying", or my all-time favourite "You need to take him to the park more".   For the record, we're at the park a lot!  So now I feel a bit resentful that no one listened to me when I was worried, but now I have to be the one to comfort them after my concerns were proven valid.  Anyway, life goes on.

The Bear is doing brilliantly!  Yesterday at playgroup he put two words together ("More bubbles").  That is the exact phrase we have been working on for three months, so it was very exciting and rewarding to hear him say it.  He also followed two sets of one-step verbal instructions yesterday.  Yay for increasing receptive language!

I've learnt a couple of things already.  One is that I prefer to descibe his condition as "Bear has Autism", rather than "Bear is Autistic".  (No, Bear is Bear, and he has autism.)  First and foremost, he is a beautiful, funny, affectionate little boy who loves the Wiggles and reading Spot books.  Oh, and he has autism.  The other thing I've learnt is how little the PDD-NOS label means, and how seldom we use it any more.  For one thing, no one knows what it is!
Believe it or not, we have a life outside of therapy!  This morning, the Bear and I met his auntie and baby cousin at the park.  We had a great time (sorry, no pics, forgot the camera and didn't have a chance to take any anyway) and can't wait to go back.  Next time, we'll go to a park with a fenced off play area ;-).

The Gig is looking forward to her Guide (Girl scouts) camp in a couple of weeks.  Next term, they're doing outdoor camping, and she really can't wait for that.  She is also giving a speech to her class about autism, as next Friday is Dress Differently for Autism Day, and she wants all her class to join in and help raise money.  I'm beyond thrilled about this, as only a couple of weeks ago she said she was embarrassed that the Bear can't speak, and embarrassed that he has autism, and she didn't want any of her friends to know. 

And Pacino has moved offices, and now has a larger office with a view of the river.  It's amazing how much that's been affecting his mood, and how relaxed he was when I picked him up last night.

So what about me?  Well, I finally got my hair done, after four months (my regrowth was lovely), and I've been to the physio for my shoulder.  It hurt, and I'll have to go back lots, but at least I'm doing something about it.

Right, well you're all caught up now, and there's silence from the Bear's room.  Hopefully I wore him out at the park this morning and he'll sleep...wish me luck.


  1. Darling, I think you're amazing. The strength you're showing is inspiring. :) Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  2. Although I have no children with a formal diagnosis, I have 1 with many suggested and 1 who I know has...something. I can relate to so much of what you post, and the joy that you feel over your Bear's accomplishments. My littlest had a very long speech delay, and I well remember the first time he put 2 words together....

    Keep doing what you are doing, including letting the feelings out as you need. Keep loving your Bear and YES, keep correcting those who say he IS autistic. You are right - he HAS autism; he IS your Bear. Period. Hang on to that!!

    prayers & good thoughts (from used to be TXHeather at MusingsontheMove...)

  3. It sounds like you and your family are doing great! And I completely agree with you that he has autism. I never liked when people labeled a child in a way that seemed like there is nothing more to the child than their diagnosis. Like I wouldn't refer to Lucas as apraxic. I totally understand how you feel regarding that. There is so much more to our boys than what their diagnosis is! Also, I am glad he said a two word phrase! That's huge! We are still waiting on Lucas. He is still having trouble forming words but I know we'll get there!