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Thursday, April 29, 2010

good news/bad news

Hello, Roger.

Whoops, sorry, thought I was in The Great Escape for a minute there.

Well, anyway, hello my lovely readers!  It's hard to believe, but it's Northern Hemisphere Wednesday (aka Thursday in the Land Down Under) already.  Which must mean that it's time to share my news, both the good and the bad.  The ugly, I'll leave for another day.  The original and best Good and Bad news is of course, over at my lovely friend The Missus' blog, , so after you've been completely over-awed by my a) exciting life and b) meticulously crafted writing, head on over and check out The Missus' news.

Good news?  I have my stroller back
Bad news?  It smells unfriendly

Good news?  The Bear had his first ride on a shopping centre ride today
Bad news?  It finished
Good news?  The old forearm across the stomach trick still works for getting a toddler into a stroller
Bad news?  The screaming split my eardrums
Good news?  The screaming cleared my sinuses

Good news?  Pacino and I have our appointment with our Autism Advisor tomorrow
Bad news?  I have mega amounts of driving to get there
Good news?  They don't need us to take the Bear

Good news?  The big mean bully got into trouble at school
Bad news?  None.  None at all
Good news?  The Gig's response when I asked how her day was?  "Good!"  It's been a long time...

I'd love to share more news with you, but I left my short-term memory somewhere, and now I don't know what else happened this week.

Hope you news was all good this week!


  1. So, being as it is now Thursday here, I'm guessing it is also Tomorrow where you are and your appt. with the Autism Advisor is today. Saying a little prayer, sending up happy thoughts, that it goes well.

  2. "It smells unfriendly." FUNNY! That will be my new line for the day. :)

    Praying the meeting goes well!

  3. Hope your appointment goes well! It's good that you don't have to take Bear because you'll be able to really listen and take time to ask questions. Let us know!