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Thursday, April 15, 2010

good news/bad news

Here we are again on another lovely Thursday Wednesday.  You know, it'd be really helpful if someone could have a chat to the good folk at Greenwich, and whatever the US equivalent is, and ask them to work out a way that it could be the same day at the same time in Australia and America.  It's make good/bad news much easier!  Any volunteers?

Good news?  I'm having physio for my sore-for-seven-months shoulder this afternoon
Bad news?  It'll hurt, and I'm a big sook
Good news?  It's time to myself

Bad news?  The in-laws are here
Good news?  It's because they're here that I can go to physio
Bad news?  I made my MIL cry
Good news?  I think she finally understood the frustration of knowing my child had autism for 6 months, and being ignored and/or belittled for my worries until diagnosis day

Good news?  The Easter chocolate is finished
Bad news?  Der, see above
Good news?  Chocolate is my year-round friend
Bad news?  I have none in the house

Good news?  It's my puppy's first birthday today
Bad news?  He's still not reliably house-trained
Good news?  I haven't killed him yet

Good news?  The weather is finally cooling down
Bad news?  Nup, none.  Bring on winter!

That's about it from me, but do head on over to my fab friend The Missus, at  to check out the original and best Good and Bad News - and while you're there, link up and join in the fun!


  1. I just realized that easter candy in Australia is probably EVEN BETTER than easter candy in America, and I got sad!

    Good luck with physio today lady, keep your head up!

  2. And here, we're glad that it's finally warming up! Bring on summer.

    PS--I still have loads of Easter Candy left over. I'd be happy to send you some. :)