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Thursday, April 1, 2010

good news/bad news

I'm a bit late this week with my good and bad news.  It's been a hectic Thursday Wednesday here, what with the Gig's school holidays starting and the Bear's OT.  But better late than never.  If you'd like to join in (and if not, why not?) with the good news/bad news fun, head on over to my good pal The Missus (and check out her adorable little guy at the same time) at .

Good news?  The Gig's on holidays!
Bad news?  10 days of thinking up entertainment plans for 2 children of very different ages
Good news?  Both my chickens are home with their Mummy for 10 days :)

Good news?  I just found my favourite brand of nappies (diapers for my American friends) which we used in Europe and I looooved, at the supermarket - they are finally available here!
Bad news?  That's how tragic my life is, that nappies is good news
Good news?  They were on sale, too

Bad news? OT was a disaster this morning
Good news?  The Bear's having a break for 2 weeks over the holidays
Bad news?  None, really :)

Good news?  We have Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday, and lots of Fish
Bad news?  That Easter Bunny better get a move on with his her shopping!

Well, that sums up my week of news - I'm taking a bloggy-break until the long weekend is over.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Hope you guys have a happy easter too!!!! And don't forget to take pics! ;) What brand of diapers are you refering to? Now you have me curious. We use Huggies.

  2. Happy Easter! I think nappies are definitely worth some excitement.

  3. We normally use Huggies, but the new ones are pampers. Happy Easter!